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Nacho Cheese  7,5
Tortilla chips with a cheddar red onion sauce, jalapeños, chili-crema, salsa verde & cilantro
Nacho Guacamole  7,5
Tortilla chips with guacamole, oven roasted tomatoes, feta, pickled red onion & pomegranate seeds
Mexican Salad  6,5
Roman lettuce filled with fresh seasonal veggies and a dressing of spring onions, jalapeños, cilantro, lime, yoghurt and honey



Taco Special
Each week we create a different taco. Sometimes authentic Mexican or fusion with Asian, French or Mediterranean influences. Are you curious about the taco of this week? Hava a look at our facebook or instagram for the latest update.

Hangover Brunch (2 personen)
Each weekend we have a great brunch containing Huevos Rancheros (egg with a spicy homemade red salsa), Patatas Bravas and Tacos. This is accompanied with a selection of toppings , containing avocados, lemon, pico de gallo, jalapeños, chili crema and a salsa verde. Great way to start the day after a nice party night! 






Spicy Tomatillo Steak  6,5
Juicy steak served with a spicy tomatillo salsa, pickled red onion, cilantro, slices of radish & lime
Mild Tomatillo-Avocado Steak  6,5
Juicy steak served with a mild tomatillo-avocado salsa, pickled red onion, cilantro, slices of radish & lime
Yucatan Pulled Pork  6
Juicy pork Yucatan style with a red achiote sauce and topped with pickled red onion served with a slice of lime
Spicy Grilled Chicken  6,5
Grilled, achiote marinated chicken thighs with avocado, red onion, cilantro, lime & a tomato-mint salsa


Caramalized Carrot  6,5
Caramalized carrots in a red mole sauce served with pickled onion, goat cheese, honey & crunchy bread crumbs
Chipotle Spinach  6,5
Wild spinach baked in chipotle-garlic oil served with ricotta, pine nut salsa, baked pine nuts & lime


Spicy Fish  7
Grilled seasonal whitefish coated with a spicy chili-lime marinade, with a tequila-lime crema, pico de gallo salsa, white cabbage, avocado, lime & cilantro
Baja  6,5
Fresh cod fried in Corona batter with a cumin crema sauce, a mild tomatillo-avocado salsa, red cabbage, pickled red onion, cilantro & lime


Mr.Haz ice cream is made from our own secret recipe and transfered into ice cream by Monte Pelmo.

Chili Choco Taco  4,5
Taco with melted pure chocolate, salty flakes, Pasilla chili, cinnamon & pomegranate seeds
Mexican Espresso 12,5
Espresso, Patron Tequila Blanco, Patron XO Cafe Tequila, Chef’s Ganache of  white chocolate, topped with a little cacao

Mr. Haz Chocolate Ice cream  4,5
Chocolate & Ancho chili ice cream served in churros with a topping of chocolate sauce
Mr. Haz Caramel Ice cream  4,5
Dulche de Leche caramel ice cream served in churros with a topping of Dulce de Leche sauce

All our dishes are homemade and exclusively made with fresh ingredients, even our homemade flour tacos (soft) and all the toppings. The tacos are snack size. Our advise is to choose 3-4 p.p. tacos for dinner and for lunch 2 tacos p.p. or a hangover brunch (2 pers.). Home made gluten-free Buckwheat & Masa tacos (additional €0,50). Vegan options are possible.




Alcoholic Cocktails

Margarita 8,5/9
30-30 Tequila/Mezcal, Merlet Triple Sec & Fresh Lime Juice
Tommy’s Margarita 8/8,5
Tequila/Mezcal, Agave Syrup & Fresh Lime Juice
Spicy Margarita  8,5/9
Tequila/Mezcal, Agave Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice & Tabasco
Frozen Margarita  8,5/9
Tequila/Mezcal, Triple Sec & Seasonal Fruits
Toreador  8,5/9
Tequila/Mezcal, Apricot Brandy, Fresh Lime Juice & Agave Syrup
Caipirinha  7,5
Novo Fogo Cachaça, Fresh Lime Juice & Brown Sugar
Paloma  8,5
Tequila, Chase & British Elderflower Liqueur, Grapefruit & Ting Soda
Bloody Mary  7,5
Kura Wodka, Tomato Juice, Worcester Sauce, Salt & Tabasco
Bloody Mary Smoked  8,5
Chase Oak Smoked Wodka, Tomato Juice, Worcester Sauce, Salt, Tabasco & Bacon
Michelada  7
Corona, Tomato Juice, Worcester Sauce, Tabasco, Fresh Lime Juice & Salt
Moscow Mule  8,5
Kura Wodka, Mint, Fresh Lime Juice & Ginger Beer
Mezcal Mule  9
San Cosme Mezcal, Mint, Fresh Lime Juice & Ginger Beer
Dark & Stormy  8,5
Botran Brown Rum, Fresh Lime Juice & Ginger Beer
Mojito  8,5
Botran White Rum, Sugar Syrup, Sparkling Water, Mint & Fresh Lime Juice
Cuba Libre  8
Botran White Rum, Coca Cola & Fresh Lime Juice
Tequila Sunrise   8,5
Tequila, Grenadine & Fresh Orange Juice
Tequila Mundo   8,5
Tequila, East Imperial Yuzu Tonic & Chase Elderflower Liqueur
Pomelo Tequila   8
Tequila & East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic
Pomelo Rum   7,5
Botran Brown Rum & East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic

Virgin Cocktails

Mojito  6,5
Ginger Ale, Mint & Fresh Lime Juice
Virgin Mary  6,5
Mr. Haz Hot Sauce, Rosemary, Tomato Juice & Fresh Lime Juice
Yuzu Mary  6,5
Yuzu Tonic, Lavender Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice & a Garnish of Lavender
Virgin Mule  6,5
Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime Juice & Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitter
Virgin Grapefruit Margarita  6,5
Grapefruit Tonic, Fresh Lime Juice, Agave Syrup & Jalapeño Syrup

Tequilas en mezcal


Ocho Blanco  6,5
Tequila Ocho is a fine quality spirit which accentuates the agave flavor. Tequila from te same agave region, harvested in exactly 8 years. Fruity and flowery fragrance

Ocho Reposado  7
An American-oak barreled tequila. Owns an outspoken, earthly karakter
Don Julio Blanco  6,5
Pure, fresh agave aromas. It has a soft taste because of quick distillation
Don Julio Reposado  6,5
Has a soft taste of fruits like pear, apple & lemon alongside a hint of vanilla & chocolate

Don Julio Anejo  7,5
The fruity aromas of lime, grapefruit and mandarin combined with a taste of wild honey. Dry aftertaste
Patron Silver  7
Made of the best blue agave which makes a light, crystal clear tequila, fresh agave aromas & hints of citrus
Patron XO Cafe  7
A dry, delicious liqueur that combines Patron Silver Tequila and the pure, essence of fine coffee
Shot Sangrita  1,5
Our homemade Sangrita is made of tomato juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, salt & Mr. Haz hot sauce. Perfect match with our 100% agave tequila & mezcal!




Aprendiz Joven Mezcal  8
Comes from San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. Is built by the careful selection of ‘agaves anguvstifolia’, also known as Caribbean agave. Has a light, smoky ambience and smooth texture

Mezcal San Cosme  7,5
From the Oaxaca region, made of 100% Espadin Agave. A crystal clear mezcal with caramel and earthy aromas. A warm an pleasant aftertaste

Nuestra Solidad  8
From San Luis Del Rio, made of 100% Espadin Agave. Clear citrusfruit and black pepper aromas. Full, round and creamy aftertaste

Los Siete Misterios Doba-YeJ  7
Made from Doba-YeJ agave. Embodies a delicious citrus ambience while offering the palette of floral tones, grapefruit, apple with a hint of cooked agave.

Los Siete Misterios Espadin 8,5
The smell is rich and with tones of toffee, mint and smoke, surprising. The taste is powerful, full of spices and dried fruit. The aftertaste is warm, sweet and herbal



Mexican Beers

Pacifico  €8,5
Corona  €8,5
Modelo Negra  €8,5
Modelo Especial  €8,5

Special Beers

Brouwerij ’t IJ IJwit  4,5
Brouwerij ’t IJ IPA  5
Brouwerij ‘t IJ Zatte  4,5
Vedett Blond  4,5
BIL Weizen  4,5
BIL Australian  5
Pale Ale Oedipus  4,75
Mannenliefde Oedipus  4,75
Thai Thai Tripel  4,5
Two Chefs Funky Falcon  4,75
Brewboys Pale Ale  4,75
Brewboys Hophead Heaven  5,5
Brewboys Kama Citra  4,75
Jopen Mooie Nel IPA  4,75
Tripel Karmeliet  4,75

Beer on Tap

Leffe Blond
Goose Island IPA
Seasonal Tap
Various Tap

Want something non-alcoholic? We make our own juices, lemonades, ice tea, and virgin cocktails. As fresh as possible is our focus, that’s why we juice our own limes and fruits. No short cuts!
We work with high quality products and local people we feel connected with. Thats why we have Back to Black coffee. There fresh roasted coffee we grind and make in our vintage FEAMA coffee machine (from 1968).